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Cosmetic Jars

Cosmetic jars are great for keeping cosmetics and beauty items fresh. If you have a tanning salon, you may want to use the jars for tanning cream and lotion samples. For theater groups, salons, and any business that relies on using makeup, these jars make it easy. Any cosmetics business owner needs to consider the following: What is the best way to safely store a large inventory of exclusive beauty products? By using the highest-quality plastic cosmetic jars.

Why Use Thornton's Cosmetic Jars?

A customer's experience is the best partner for any successful industry. All of Thornton's jars are made of high-quality polypropylene or polystyrene. These materials are lightweight and extremely resilient. They're less expensive than glass making them an excellent solution to reduce high-costs of the cosmetics packaging industry. Four distinct color varieties are available with matching white, black, or clear lids. Each jar comes in different shapes and sizes to hold cream, perfume, foundation, lipstick, blushe, eye shadow, lip gloss, glitter and many more cosmetic derivatives. The options are endless.

Clear Plastic Cosmetic Jars White Jar
 Black Jar Natural Jar

Clear Jars

White Jars

Black Jars

Natural Jars


Clear Plastic Cosmetic Jars

In the cosmetics industry, alluring the consumers' attention is just as important as the quality of product. Glass is popular and cannot be neglected in this area, but glass is a cumbersome and a dangerous material to use. It's expensive, heavy and brittle. A more practical solution is the use of plastic. Our cosmetic jars are perfect to encase highly-valued cosmetics on the showcase floor. Capacities range from 10 to 485 ml. 

Clarified Natural Cosmetic Jars

The frosty finish of this jar is a rapidly gaining popularity in the cosmetics industry. To keep up with the latest trends and demands, Thornton Plastics offers a large assortment of natural cosmetic jars made of polypropylene. Capacities range from 10 to 485 ml.

Sleek Black Cosmetic Jars

For those occasions where a more discreet or sleek look is desirable, our black plastic jars will be perfect. The black polypropylene construction offers low-moisture transmission and excellent chemical resistance while the shiny coat endows these jars with an appealing premium factor. Capacities range from 10 to 485 ml.

Shiny White Cosmetic Jars

There's no substitute for the glowing white plastic for a product of luxury. White, shiny, polypropylene is used to manufacture beautiful jars for our customers. We have a large collection of jars in sizes ranging from 10 to 485 ml.