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Glass Vials

Usages: Green, Blue, Amber and Clear Glass Vials

Looking for Blue, Clear, or Amber Glass Vials? Perhaps you are looking for Corks? We have those too. All products come's standard with high quality Black Phenolic TriFoil Capsor up-gradable to Black PolySeal Coned Cap. If you are looking for Droppers? You may also contact us here. 

Different functions correspond to different properties of vials such as clear screw thread glass vials, perfume glass vials, and many other vials for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and other industries.

1. Amber, Clear and Colored Glass Vials

Amber, Clear and Colored glass vials are used as storage container for light sensitive products such as essential oils, frangrances, and liquids.

2. Cork Stoppered Glass Lip Vials

These types of glass vials, A.K.A patent lip vials, can be used to store both liquid and dry contents. Cork stoppered vials were utilized by consumer goods industries to contain small souvenirs such as beads for selling. This type can also be used to store perfumes, cosmetics, essential oils and other elements. Cork stoppered naturalists also use glass vials to store items collected in the field