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Glass Vials

Looking for Blue Clear, or Amber Glass Vials. Perhaps you are looking for Corks? We have those too. All products come standard with high quality Black Phenolic TriFoil Caps, or up-gradable to Black PolySeal Coned Cap. If you are looking for Droppers, contact us here .

Green, Blue, Amber and Clear Glass Vials

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The Versatility of Glass Vials

A vial, known likewise as a phial or flacon is a small glass or plastic vial that is used as a container for a wide variety of products. The English word, “vial," originated from the Greek word “phial." It meaning describes a broad, flat container.  Scientific sampling is another use such as in autosampler devices and analytical chromatography. Vials are very versatile containers. Their versatility as containers can be even traced back to classical antiquity that features vial-like glass containers. Today, vials are often made of glass.

Vial Design

There are several types of vials differentiated by their designs and functions, and come with different closures. These closures include screw cap vials that seal with a screw cap. There are lip vials which are closed with a cork or plastic stopper, and also crimp vials that are closed with a rubber stopper and a metal cap.

A vial’s shape can be tubular or have a bottle-like shape. The volume is defined by the neck and is identified as the headspace. The bottom part of the vial is usually flat. Miniature bottle-like vials usually used in laboratories are likewise called a “bijou” or McCartney’s bottles. The bijou is usually smaller with a volume of more or less 10 milliliters..

Different Vial Usages

Different functions correspond to different properties of vials such as clear screw thread glass vials, perfume glass vials, and many other vials for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and other industries.

1. Amber, Clear and Colored Glass Vials

Amber, Clear and Colored glass vials are used as storage container for light sensitive products such as essential oils.

2. Shell Vials

Shell vials are very versatile as they are suitable for a lot of things such as storing vanilla beans to storing laboratory specimens. In addition, they are used for automatic filling operations. These vials could also store dry products with both plastic or cork stoppers..

3. Cork Stoppered Glass Vials

These types of glass vials, A.K.A patent lip vials, can be used to store both liquid and dry contents. Cork stoppered vials were utilized by consumer goods industries to contain small souvenirs such as beads for selling. This type can also be used to store perfumes, cosmetics, essential oils and other elements. Cork stoppered naturalists also use glass vials to store items collected in the field..

Cork stoppered glass vials are also used in chemistry labs as a container to store isolates formed by chemical reactions. These types of vials were also historically used as a storage container used by herbalists to make teas treating ailments..

4. EPA Glass Vials

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) instructs the assessments of samples for levels of potentially harmful elements. It is a part of its program for monitoring the level of environmental pollutants in the U.S. Both water and soil are tested and stored in EPA approved vials or VOA (Volatile Analysis) vials.

5. Medicine Glass Vials

Wide assortments of glass vials are suitable for use of medicine; this includes vials for medicine dispensed by injection. Glass vials vary sizes can range from 1/8 dram to 10 drams. These vials are available in clear, amber, blue and green glass.

6. Screen Printed Glass Vials

Screen printed glass vials are utilized in labs and environments where paper labels are subjected to degradation. Screen printed glass labelings weathers conditions that affect traditional paper labeling, such as high or low temperatures and exposure to solvents.

G. Perfume Glass Vials

Perfume glass vials are perfect for perfumes, but also for storing and packaging other items such as essential oils, aromatherapy products and other items from the cosmetics industry. These vials must be 100 percent glass, not plastic.

Vials, given their minute size are often deemed insignificant and often overlooked. However, these tiny bottles are of great importance for the people who use them often. Vials can be important to store souvenirs or small important items as well.


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