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Cosmetic Jars

The cosmetic industry always bestows demanding clients. The requirements are not trivial when one needs to attract the consumer's gaze, but, at the same time, keep the cosmetic products well-secured against unwarranted treatment. Any cosmetics business owner needs to consider the following: What is the best way to safely stored a large inventory of exclusive objects? We, at Thornton Plastics, have the answer: Our high-quality plastic cosmetic jars are the best recipients for the cosmetics industry.

Why Use Our Cosemtic Jars?

A customer's experience is the best partner for any successful industry; all of our jars are made of high-quality thermoplastics, either polypropylene or polystyrene. These materials are lightweight and extremely resilient to physical stress. They're easier to maneuver than glass and cheaper. So they're an excellent solution to reduce the logistical high-costs of the cosmetics industry. We have a versatile line-up of jars that our customers can choose from small or large. Four distinct color varieties are available (with matching white, black, or clear caps). Each variety comes in many different shapes, qualities and sizes to ensure that just about any need from our customers is satisfied. Creams, perfume, foundation, lipsticks, blushes, eye shadow, lip gloss, glitter and many more cosmetic derivatives are safely stored in our high-quality plastic jars. The options are endless.

Clear Plastic Cosmetic Jars White Jar
 Black Jar Natural Jar

Clear Plastic Jars

 w/ Black, White or Clear Screw Cap.

White Plastic Jars

w/ Black, White or Clear Screw Cap.

Black Plastic Jars

w/ Black, White or Clear Screw Cap.

Natural Plastic Jars

w/ Black, White or Clear Screw Cap.

Clear Plastic Cosmetic Jars

In the cosmetics industry, alluring the consumers' gaze is just as important as the quality of the products themselves. The premium factor of a glass container cannot be neglected in this area, but glass is a cumbersome and dangerous material to use. It's expensive, heavy and brittle. A more practical solution is clear plastic jars. These jars are ideal for the purpose. Our clear cosmetic jars are perfect to encase highly-valued cosmetics on the showcase floor. These jars come in sizes ranging from 10 to 485 ml.

Natural Plastic Cosmetic Jars

The clear finish is a favorite among consumers, but the frosted clear look is rapidly gaining popularity in the cosmetics industry. It's vital to grab the eyes of the consumer. It is equally important to entice the curiosity of the consumer just enough to make her (or him) want to reach for the jar, open it and see what's inside. To keep up with the latest trends and demands, Thornton Plastics offers a large assortment of natural cosmetic jars made of translucent high-quality translucent polypropylene. Capacities range from 10 to 485 ml.

Black Plastic Cosmetic Jars

For those occasions where a more discreet look is desirable, our black plastic jars will fit the bill. These are a more economical alternative to the other offers in our line-up but offer the same functionality and durability. The high-quality black polypropylene construction offers low-moisture transmission and excellent chemical resistance while the shiny coat endows these jars with an appealing premium factor. Capacities range from 10 to 485 ml.

White Plastic Cosmetic Jars

There's no substitute for the premium factor of a glowing white in a product of luxury. White shiny polypropylene is used to manufacture unbreakable white plastic jars for our customers. We have a large and varied collection of these jars in sizes ranging from 10 to 485 ml.

Premium Thermoplastic Expertise and Development

Durability, easy of use and safety all while exuding a premium style is a hallmark of top-notch products. Thornton Plastics strives to push forward intelligent plastic container design. Listening and learning from our customers is the best way to be at the forefront of industry service.