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Clear Vials

Clear Glass Vials with Caps are an ideal material for storing all kinds of liquid or dry materials. These clear glass vials come with TriFoil or PolySeal Caps and are ideal for the storage of a wide variety of objects such as bath-related products, dry samples, to essential oils.  Research laboratories use these transparent vials for holding specimens. In the mining sector, the vials provide a means of storing environmental samples. The vials are break-resistant and attractive. 

Product Description and Characteristics

The vials come in different shapes and sizes. Capacity ranges from 1/24 ounce to 1 ounce. Customers can select from ten sizes that are convenient for many applications.

The vials also come with varying cap options. Standard vials feature black TriFoil lined caps or upgrade to PolySeal coned caps that are sturdier and provide a tighter seal for liquids and oils. 

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