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Glass Vials

Are you searching the internet for small glass vials with caps? They are also commonly called small glass bottles? All products come standard with high-quality Black Phenolic TriFoil caps, or up-gradable to Black PolySeal coned cap. If droppers are needed, contact us and we can assist you.

Usages: Green, Blue, Amber and Clear Glass Vials

1. Amber, Clear and Colored Glass Vials

Glass containers are often used as a storage container for light sensitive products, small items, liquids, essential oils, and more. The twist-on cap fits tightly ensuring that what goes inside, remains safe from outside elements that may disrupt the integrity of the object inside.

2. Cork Stoppered Glass Lip Vials

This types of glass vial, A.K.A patent lip vials, can be used to store wet or dry contents. Cork stoppered vials are utilized by consumer goods industries to contain small souvenirs to resale. Naturalists also use these to store items collected in the field

How to Make Glass Vial Pendants

Video Transcript:

Okay, today I want to show you how to put together these glass vials and pendants. You have small glass vials. They come with a plastic stopper and a silver metal cap. You put whatever you want on inside the vial. In this case, I'm using mustard seeds. You can glue the plastic stopper into the top of the vial, press it in very hard; they're very difficult to get in. Then you have to let them sit and dry. After the glue dries, you need to take a knife and trim off the edges before you can glue the cap on. An easier way to do it is to take you vial, put whatever you want on the inside of it, take your cap, and a hot glue gun, and put a drop of glue in the bottom of the cap. After you get a drop of glue in it, quickly stick it on the on the vial, push it down on the top of the vial, and twist it a little bit. It will seal it water-tight, and glue it right on and it is ready to go. For our charms, which have a glass vial on the inside, you do the same thing. You put whatever you want on the inside of it. You take the small rubber stopper and stick it in top of the vial, push it all the way down inside. Take the vial, stick it inside the charm. Take the bigger stopper, put some glue on the outside of it, and stick it in the bottom of the charm, push it all the way up in, and you have a charm. You hang it on a necklace, keychain, whatever you want to do it. For those small charms, I have only one stopper come with it. You put your items on the inside the glass vial, take a drop a glue and glue the stopper onto the vial, push it all the way down into the glass vial. Take and put glue on top of the stopper, stick it inside of the charm, push it all the way down inside the charm. Let it dry, and then it will stay inside the charm and you'll have your charm just like this. So, that's how you put charms together. Stick want you want inside of it. You can put oil inside of them. You can put colored water; people put all kinds of items on the inside. They are very easy to make. The come in many different shapes and sizes. I'm just having fun.

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