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Plastic Cosmetic Jars & Containers

Plastic jars are great for storing health and beauty products. The items that can be held in these jars are cremes, lotions, and perfumes.


Black, Clear, White, and Natural Plastic Jars

In the cosmetics industry, alluring the consumers' attention is just as important as the quality of product. These jars come with lids and are offered in Clear, White, and Black. The cosmetic jars are perfect to encase highly-valued cosmetics on the showcase floor.




Why Use Plastic Jars?

A customer's experience is the best partner for any successful industry. All of our jars are made of high-quality polypropylene or polystyrene plastic. These materials are lightweight and extremely resilient to many chemicals. They are less expensive than glass making them an excellent solution to reduce the high costs of the cosmetics packaging industry. Four distinct types of jars are available with optional white, black, or clear lids.