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Clear, Black, White, and Clarified Lids w/ Liner

A jar or container is practically useless if it does not have a lid. Lids are the second piece of the puzzle that takes a basic jar and makes it useful. Thornton's lids come in serveral designs and colors. Thornton's inventory of screw-on caps are as follows: standard, dome, high-side or ribbed. There are several different sizes of jars and containers, therefore, it is important to have a variety of sizes. Thornton carries lid sizes ranging from 33 mm to 89 mm. If you are looking plastic jars to match the lids with, visit our Plastic Jars page.

Click on Link for Specific Lid and Closure Sizes:

33 mm (unlined & lined)

38 mm (unlined & lined)

43 mm (unlined & lined)

48 mm (unlined & lined) coming soon

53 mm (unlined & lined) coming soon

70 mm (unlined & lined)

89 mm (unlined & lined)