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Plastic Hinged Lid Containers

Thornton Plastics provides hinged lid plastic containers to a wide variety of customers. Our plastic hinged containers are for storaging, containing, or presenting items that need to have a an tight seal for protection. Products are use for smaller items, medication (despensary and wellness pharmacies) and much more. Available in stock, our hinged top storage containers can be purchased in a multitude of colors and sizes. If you prefer Jars, please check out our Plastic Jars page. If you prefer Vials, please visit our Plastic Vials page.


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Hinged Lid Plastic Vials - Large Variety and Lots of Sizes


Buy Wholesale Plastic Hinged Lid Containers From Thornton Plastics

Thornton Plastics was founded in 1955. Thornton has a long standing reputation for providing high quality plastic jars, plastic vials and plastic containers. Browse are plastic container store and find the perfect container for your need. If you have questions or need quotes for larger quanitites. Give us a call at 1-800-248-3434 today. We offer discounts for large orders.

Hinged Lid Containers – Uses In Various Industries

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1. Pharmaceutical Field

Drug manufacturers, pharmacies or chemists are among the largest users of plastic containers with hinged lids. They use the containers to store pills (tablets), capsules, syrup, and other pharmaceutical products. There are a number of reasons that make the containers suitable for pharmaceutical use. One, they are transparent hence easy to see the remaining quantity. Two, it is easy to label the container. Three, accessing the pills or capsules is convenient. 

2. Medical Care

Hospitals, dispensaries, clinics and other health centres use containers with hinged lids for varied applications. They may be used to store samples that require further analysis or diagnosis. The containers are also used to store medical supplies such as cotton wool, bandages, syringes, thermometers, medication, and much more. The container is preferred due to being, safe, durable, and transparent among other factors. 

3. Beauty and Cosmetics

These containers are utilized in the beauty and cosmetics industry. A retailer uses the container to store small quantities while large companies package the beauty products and seal the lid. Lotions, creams, paste, pills, liquids are some of the products that are packed using the containers. They are useful since they come in different sizes, colors and are user-friendly. 


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