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Green Pill Vials & Bottles

When it comes to medication storage and distribution, choosing the perfect pill bottles matters. Medication and prescriptions need to be properly protected and stored to make sure that it retains its effectiveness for anyone who takes the medication. More importantly, it must remain usable and will not degrade through improper storage. This is why medications can’t be placed in just any vial where it will fit. Green pill bottles are specially made for this very purpose, allowing people to store their prescribed medications safely for long term use.

Pharmacy Vial Sizes

There are several size options with green pharmacy vials and bottles. Depending on the amount of medication you intend to place in them will determine the size needed. The smallest one measures at 6 dram while the biggest choice is at 60 dram. In between, there are the 8, 13, 16, 20, 30, and 40 dram.