White Plastic Jars

White Plastic Jars

Thornton offers white jars with lids. They present a look of elegance and cleanliness making them very attractive. The white plastic containers with lids come with the option of F-217 lined polyethylene lid, or no lid at all. The lids go on very easily and offer an airtight seal to keep unwanted things from getting into the jar. You can choose between three different colors of screw-on lids - white, black, and clear. All of the white polypropylene jars are made from the highest-quality plastic sold at a great price. 

Review the Options for White Polypropylene Jars

There are two different options when choosing the type of white jars: regular and thick wall. Regular wall jars - the cap hangs over the wall, whereas, thick wall jars have a lid that is flush. Both styles of jars come in a sizes from 1/8th oz to 16 oz. Wholesale bulk orders are welcome and may qualify for a bulk pricing discount. Always in stock. Thornton offers same day shipping if ordered by 2:00 P.M. MST!

Why Use These Jars 

- Come in various sizes in order to meet the user's needs.

- Highly competitive pricing.

- The plastic does not attract dirt.

- They are extremely hygienic.

- The screw-on lid fits very tightly.

- Resistant to harsh chemicals.

- Beautiful and aesthetically appealing.

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