Black Plastic Jars

Black Plastic Jars

At Thornton Plastics you can purchase plastic black jars with lids that can be used for virtually any application. They are ideal for packaging a vast array of products such as liquids and creams due to the number of different sizes and shapes available. The tight-fitting screw-on lids come in colors of black, white and clear. They come with a F-217 liner to ensure your contents remain safe from outside elements contaminating the contents inside. If you are seeking to buy in bulk, you can purchase from Thornton Plastics at a discounted price. 

black plastic jars

Reasons to Use Our Black Plastic Jars

The jars are made of the highest-quality black polypropylene plastic and come with either a thick or regular sized wall. Both regular and thick wall jars with lids are available in various sizes from 1/8 oz to 16 oz. They also come in different shapes, such as tall and slender, or short and wide. While there is a small difference in price between the different size jars, you will notice the variations in size and shape opens opportunity for finding the perfect black jar at a great price! 

You also have the option to purchase the jar with a black, clear, or white lid. However, you can also buy the jar itself.

Sample kits are available by request when you contact us. All items are in stock and we offer same day shipping if ordered by 2:00 P.M. MST!

List of Benefits

• Made from quality polypropylene plastic.

• Choice of three different colored lined lids.

• Will last you for a long time, even if they are heavily used.

• Items will not be affected from sunlight.

• Easy to clean and store.

• Perfect size for small trinkets, cosmetics, creams etc...

• Ideal for products that need to be stored in air-tight containers. 

• Perfect for light use and serve a wide range of purposes.

• They don’t break like glass or polystyrene

• Makes it easy to keep stored items out of danger’s way.

• Competitive pricing for such a quality product.

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