Hinged Lid Round Containers

There are several types of small round hinged lid containers that are extremely popular. They are easy to open and close with only using a thumb yet the lid remain connected to the body. The lid remains attached after opening, making it easier to deal with since you don't have two pieces. They come in a wide array of sizes, shapes and colors: Clear, White, Orange, Violet, Blue, Green or Black and in a several different sizes: 1/2 oz - 11 oz.

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Hinged-Lid Containers – Uses In Various Industries

 1. Food Industry

The containers are widely used in the food sector. This comprises of large food packaging companies, small catering firms and also home use. 

2. Education Field

Children and students are always involved in some experiment or research. The test may entail holding a small soil sample, a creature, some liquid and much more. It is important to make sure the contents don’t spill out and can be observed without necessarily opening the lid. 

3. Scientific Labs

Scientists and lab technicians use the containers in their work. The containers are made from polypropylene which is resistant to chemicals and corrosion. Also, the hinged lid makes an air and water-tight seal. 

4. Home Use

The containers are used quite a lot in the home. In order to get the appropriate container with a hinged lid, it is necessary to think about several aspects. This ensures the right choice is made at the first attempt. For instance, it is necessary to think of the intended application, user, safety, versatility and more. One of the best ways of getting the right hinged lid containers is dealing with a well-known and reputable firm such as Thornton Plastics.

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