Hinged Lid Plastic Boxes

The tight snap of small clear hinged lid plastic boxes indicates a pursuit to perfection. Thornton sells small, clear plastic boxes with hinged lids for a sturdy, transparent, and secure storage method. They come in a variety of sizes to meet your packaging and storage needs. In business since 1948, Thornton Plastics' shows a clear focus on providing stylish products, ease of use, and quality. The products stand the test of time and use for these small plastic boxes are endless. Browse by clicking the text below, you will quickly see that Thornton provides top-quality products and amazing prices!

Plastic Boxes with Hinged Lid: How Are They Used?

Who doesn’t need storage? You'll receive durable storage capabilities with these small transparent boxes. Items stored in them are clearly visible. The lid snaps tightly closed and the clasp stays snugly in place. An added perk is the lid is attached to each box. No more searching for lids or caps because using these small plastic boxes is a way to secure items that matter to you without the stress of a second component to the box.

Industry Use

Take a look in an office supply store, craft store, home office, or fishing supply store. Notice the small plastic boxes with hinged lids? These boxes are perfect for office supply stores to stock items to sell. Hardware and home improvement stores can sell these small boxes to customers as well to store loose items. Check any craft and sewing store, and you will find items sold in the smaller boxes as well as empty boxes for individuals to purchase. Chances are the flies you use for fishing are stored in them. These plastic boxes with hinged lids are perfect storage options, and you can reuse them again and again for years.

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