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Plastic Jars

If you are looking to purchase plastic jars at wholesale pricing, look no further. To browse Thornton's products, simply click the image below. Thornton offers pearl white jars, shiny black jars, lightly-frosted jars, and crystal clear plastic jars.

Thornton's plastic jars with lids have a tight fitting closure. The caps fit perfectly because of the liner inside the cap creating an air-tight seal and keeping unwated elements out. Plastic jars are capable of storing "most" chemicals, and are easily cleaned when dirty. The jars are made of top-of-the-line polypropylene plastic and sold at competitive pricing.

Clear Plastic Jars

Clear Plastic Jars

Features a crystal-clear look with an elegant appearance.

White Plastic Jars

Offers a clean shine with a glossy look in white coloring.

Black Plastic Jars

Displays a brilliant shine and a glossy look in black coloring.
Frosted Polypropylene Jars

Natural Plastic Jars

Carries the natural and frosty look of plastic (60% opacity).

Note: You can choose a lld type on the Product Page.

All jars come with regular wall or thick wall.

• Thick wall Jar: - features a thicker wall compared to a regular wall jar. The lid is flush with the jar wall.

• Regular wall Jar: - has a thinner wall compared to a thick wall jar. The jar wall is inset underneath the lid, thus, creating a small lip. The lid is designed to not be flush with the jar wall.

Which Industries Would Use a Wholesale Plastic Jar 

If you would like to learn more about our jars and what industries and applications they are best used for, follow the link below.

Common Household: - the home is a large consumer of the jars. They are used to store food items, as well as beverages. Also, household items such as items needed for traveling like toothpaste, hair-gel, jewelry, and small parts are stored in the jars. 

Medical Industry: - hospitals, clinics, and marijuana dispensaries use the jars to store drugs, pills, and capsules. Medical practitioners also store samples such as urine or blood in the jars.

Cosmetic Industry: - Beauty products, face creams, hand creams, body lotions, pastes, lip balms are stored in jars. You can also view our best cosmetic jars

• Scientific labs: - laboratories and researching facilities undertaking experiments use the jars to store the soil samples, biopsies and tissues. 

Learning: - widely used in Universities and training centers for storing or sampling of many different elements.

• Forensic labs: - forensic scientists will collect bugs, animal tissue, DNA samples and store them in jars. 

Fishing/Hunting Industry: - fishermen use jars to store their bait, hooks and flies. Hunter will use them to store bullets, shells, and small hardware. Plastic is preferred over other materials since it is resistant to water and moisture. Also, plastic doesn’t break easily when it's dropped on rocks. 

Hobbyist / craftsmen: - quite a number of hobbies and crafts use small accessories. T A jar made from plastic is the most suitable. 

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