Working Toward an Earth-Friendly Future

Our Mission

Our mission is to make our plastic vials more Earth-friendly for the generations to come. We want to safeguard our future without compromising price, durability, or any other features. Preserving our wild lands and reducing our footprint is of the utmost importance. With small plastic vials, we need to ensure that they are all used and created responsibly. Not only this, we need to make sure that their packaging follows this trend as well.

Our Packaging

We are excited to share that all our standard boxes are made using responsible sourcing: fiber sourcing and certified sourcing, certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. This means that our boxes are sourced from raw material from noncontroversial sources in the supply chain, supports logger training, recycled content, certified forests, and small family forest owners. This helps to reduce not just our negative footprint, but yours as well. And with other trusted certifications, we can ensure dependable and credible sourcing.



We are working towards making our bags and other non-standard boxes more sustainable as well. With new technologies and new best practices, we hope to establish our entire sustainable line by 2025.

Our Products

Unfortunately, not all our products are inherently sustainable. However, with new advancements in technology, we want to switch all our products from traditional fossil fuel plastics to bioplastics. We have already introduced our flagship product to our sustainable line: the H-12S. We want to expand this practice into as many products as possible. With your help and your interest, we can make that happen. Follow the link to our survey to help us create a greener future.

Using a proprietary process, BioLogiQ has created a bioplastic that is still durable just like the traditional fossil fuel plastics. This allows us to replace some of the traditional plastics; our sustainable line will have at least 20% bioplastics in it. This means that those products use far less fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse gas generation, are sourced from renewable agricultural practices, and reduce the potential for microplastics in our environment.




BioLogiQ is a USDA certified biobased product!

If you would like to read more, check out our blog here!

Because the raw material is just like traditional plastic pellets, we are able to create all our products in this same, sustainable way. It is our goal to expand every single one of our snap-cap vial sizes into our sustainable line, allowing you to help make a difference too.

For Now

  1. Remember that while our current vials are cheap enough to be single use, they should be reused. Each vial that is reused is a step towards a greener future. Both for a company or end users, reusing these vials is not only a fun puzzle, but helps keep plastic waste more minimal.
  2. Remember that our vials are recyclable depending on your resources. The caps are made of LDPE which takes about half as much energy as it does to recycle as compared to incineration disposal. With LDPE (our lids) recycling number being 4, Polystyrene (our crystal clear vials) recycling number being 6, and Polypropylene (our cloudy vials) recycling number being 5, all of our products can be recycled.


3. Explore what you want and what your customer needs. Moving to sustainable plastic vials starts with you. Your interest in these products helps us cater to you and your customers' needs. Share yours and your customers' needs through our short survey here.




With more interest, you can help us expand our sustainable line, therefore reducing yours and our impact on the earth. Let us know what you think and what you need when it comes to sustainability. Take the survey below:

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What products will be sustainably sourced soon? See here:

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