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Plastic Containers

Small plastic containers are perfect for handling small objects, volumes and solids when care and organization are needed. These small sized containers are best suited for specific applications that involve storing or packaging smaller items, volumes or pieces. Examples of different uses are as follows: cosmetics and beauty packaging, laboratory testing and sampling, pharmaceutical and medical marijuana storage, crafts and many more. When searching for high-quality containers, it benefits you to deal with a reputable company like Thornton Plastics.

Small Round Plastic Hinged Lid Containers

Hinged Lid Containers

Come with lid attached to body and in several colors and sizes.

hinged lid boxes

Hinged Lid Boxes

Small hinged lid plastic boxes have attached lid and come in several sizes.

Plastic Vials by Thornton

Plastic Vials

Plastic vials consists of snap cap, prescription, and colored vials.

Black, Clear, and White Plastic Jars

Plastic Jars

Plastic jars consists of white, clear, black, and frosted plastic jars.

Important Data Points About Small Containers

There are a number of packaging factors that need to be considered when choosing the best container. Not every container is the best choice for any type of application. Here are a few things to consider before you make a purchase.

Things to consider before making a decision: 

Purpose - what are the containers going to be used for? These small plastic containers are best used for storing or presenting a small items and objects, retail or being re-sold, shipping smaller items to keep them safe - the list goes on for the use of these small plastic containers.

Application - what type of environment will the container be exposed to? The containers are small, yet durable. However, they are made of plastic and some plastics are not as flexible and durable when dropped as others such as polystyrene which is rigid compared to polyethylene which is flexible. 

Storage - what type of products will be stored in the container? These containers can handle basic materials and liquids, semi-liquids and solids elements - just about everything. However, not all containers are capable of handling harsh elements such as acids or abrasive type liquids or substances.

How to Clean Greasy Plastic Containers

Video Transcript:

Hi this is Judi at "Judi in the Kitchen". Do you know how plastic containers kinda get a greasy film on them? They might even have an odor from food that has been stored in there? Don't throw them away. I have a wonderful tip to get that off of there. Take a damp sponge, put some baking soda on it, and rub that on the inside of the container. It should take the grease right off and the odor with it. If you feel like that is not enough and you want to take a different approach. Take four table spoons of baking soda, add that to one-quart of hot water, and then soak your container in that, and that should take it off. To see more tips and tricks go to my website www.HandMadeinIowa.com. Look for the recipes page and you'll see lots of fun information in there. This is Judi at "Judi in the Kitchen". Thanks for stopping by.

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