Black Plastic Jars

At Thornton Plastics you can purchase black jars that can be used for virtually any application. They are ideal for packaging a vast array of products due to the number of different sizes and shapes. The tight-fitting screw-on cap come in colors of black, white or even transparent. If you are seeking to buy jars in bulk, you can purchase them at a discounted price as well.

Types Of Black Jars

The jars are made of the highest-quality, black polypropylene and come with either thick or regular wall. Both regular wall and thick wall jars are available in various sizes and shapes. While there is a small difference in price for the different types of jars, you will notice the variations in the size and shape allowing you the opportunity to package your product at a great price. 

Quality Plastic Black Jars

Thick Wall Plastic Jars Black Choose Your Jar Style Regular Wall Plastic Jars Black

Sample kits are available by request when you contact us. All items are in stock and we offer same day shipping if ordered by 2:00 P.M. MST!