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Black Plastic Jars

At Thornton Plastics, you can get the best black jars for virtually any storage purpose. They are simple, durable, versatile and perfect for most storage needs while offering you a number of choices. You also have a wide range of choices in our tight-fitting screw cap lids, which are either clear, black or plain white. If you require our jars in bulk, you can also get them at a good discount.

Types Of Black Jars

Our jars are made of high-quality black polypropylene with either thick or regular walls; our jars are ideal for any storage. Both types of jars are available in various sizes, ranging from 10 mL to 485 mL and are available in a variety of diameters. You can choose the size, and they thickness of your jars from our exhaustive list. 

Quality Plastic Black Jars

thick-wall-black.png click-or-see-all.jpg regular-wall-black.png

While there is a very small difference in price between regular and thick walled jars, you will be able to see the reason for the difference in price in their durability. Regular walled jars are ideal to store lighter items such as herbs, spices, jewellery, candy or virtually anything that is used around the house. Thick walled black jars, on the other hand, are stronger and are ideal for corrosive substances, cosmetics or chemicals. 

Sample kits are available by request when you contact us. All items are in stock and we offer same day shipping if ordered by 2:00 P.M. MST!