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Natural Plastic Jars

We are a premier manufacturer and supplier of high-quality plastic jars. We know that when it comes to safely storing and sorting through different kinds of small materials and substances, you want reliable and durable, yet easy to use containers. Are you looking to protect your liquids from dust and other foreign particles? Perhaps you need to shield your chemical samples against environmental contamination? Maybe you need to protect your herbs and seeds from moisture and degradation? If so, here at Thornton Plastics' we offer a wide range of clarified natural plastic jars allows you to choose just the ideal solution for your needs. 

Our high-quality polypropylene plastic jars come in two varieties: a regular wall and thick wall.

The regular wall plastic jars are durable, hassle free, and light weight. They a foggy look. Their foggy walls and smaller size make them extremely functional for substances or products that need to be stored. They are highly versatile jars that can be used in many different situations at your store, in your lab, in your garden or even at your school.

The thick wall plastic jars are highly resistant to physical stress, thus, the best solution for any situation in which you need that extra durability. These are also stylish looking, and their foggy walls make them the ideal storage recipients to keep your highly valued luxury, cosmetics or personal care products secluded from UV rays.

thick-wall-natural.png click-or-see-all.jpg regular-wall-natural.png

You can be sure to expect high-quality products and customer service from Thornton Plastics. Don't hesitate to contact us, if you have any question. We have a huge expertise in plastic jars, and we will know exactly what you need as soon as you tell us about your needs. 

 All items are in stock and we offer same day shipping if ordered by 2:00 P.M. MST!