Natural Plastic Jars

Thornton knows, to safely store different kinds of small materials and substances, you need appropriate jars to do so. Are you looking to store liquids? Do you need to protect samples? If so, here at Thornton Plastics we offer clarified natural plastic jars allowing you to choose just the ideal solution for your needs. 

Thornton's high-quality polypropylene plastic jars come in two varieties: regular wall and thick wall. Regular wall jars are light weight with the lid hanging over the wall. Thick wall jars have a flush lid. Their foggy walls and smaller size make them extremely attractive. They are highly versatile jars that can be used in many different situations like those found in a salon, school, or science laboratories.

Thick Wall Plastic Jars Clarified Natural click to see regular or thick wall jars Regular Wall Plastic Jars Clarified Natural

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