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Plastic Vials

Thornton's plastic vials are one of the most popular products sold to the public. Our plastic vials are extremely useful across several industries, and for a large list of applications. Many distributors, retailers, and homeowners are looking for small plastic vials that are transparent and suitable for their needs and applications.

Polystyrene is a great material for creating high-quality material that is extremely transparent. Polystyrene is used because of its lasting durability, transparency and low cost to buy. Did you know that we also carry colored vials in green, orange, and blue. Be sure to browse them as well. Do you need shrink wrap to seal your vials? We have those too!


Plastic Vials are Useful & Beneficial for Many Applications

There are several benefits derived from using our products. They can be used to store medication, powders, capsules, and supplement items. Sample plastic vials are used in the health care industry, hospitals, and clinics. plastic vials with snap caps are used by scientists in the laboratory. They are very useful to hold spiders, beads, small motor parts, small trinkets, nuts and bolts, electrical components, military connectors, and many other small products.

Before you browse our plastic vials category, you should understand how the sizes we offer. The vials are measured in Dram units. This unit can be easily converted into ounces by taking a look at our conversion table for dram vials to compare. Vial sizes range from 2.5 to 50 Dram (0.28 oz to 6.25 oz).