Plastic Vials

Thornton's plastic vials are one of the most popular products sold to the public. Thornton's vials are extremely useful and appropriate for many applications. Many packaging distributors, product retailers, and crafty homeowners seek Thornton's small plastic vials because they are transparent, rigid, and the cap has a very tight seal. The cap is easily removed or sealed on the plastic vial by simply pressing or lifting up with a finger. 

Plastic Vials are Useful for Many Applications and Industries

There are several benefits when using Thornton's plastic vial containers. They are used to store, ship or pack a wide variety of items. Sample plastic vials are used in the health care industry, hospitals, and clinics. Plastic vials with caps are used by scientists in the laboratory. 

Plastic vials are measured in Dram units. This unit can be easily converted into ounces by taking a look at this conversion table. Some people prefer to refer to them as dram vials.

Vial sizes range from 2.5 to 50 Dram (0.28 oz. to 6.25 oz.). Thornton also sells plastic vials in bulk at a discounted price. Shrink wrap is available to seal your vials here? If you are simply looking for replacement caps click here. Enjoy your browsing experience, the awesome products, and great prices.