Plastic Vials

Thornton's plastic vials are one of the most popular product line-ups sold directly to the public. The product line-up consists of snap cap (most popular), pharmacy, colored, and hinged lid. All of the products are the perfect solution for those invovled in special packaging, distributing small products, retailers, laboratories, industry specific applications, craft enthusiests and many more alike. All of the products are made of either polystyrene or polyethylene ensuring you have the perfect type of material for your needs. Each vial comes complete with a lid. As you look through the products, you will quickly learn they are made from quality materials but sold at discounted prices.

Snap Cap Plastic Vials by Thornton

Vials w/ Snap Caps

Extremely clear and rigid, they come with a snap-on cap that offers an air-tight seal. Available in several sizes and shapes.

Colored Vials by Thornton

Colored Vials

Come in several colors: white, orange, blue and green. Sizes available range from 2.5 - 5 dram. UV resistant coloring.

Hinged Lid Vials by Thornton

Vials w/ Hinged Caps

These come with a lid that is attached to the body by a hinged. Made of polyethelyene and come in several colors and sizes.

Pharmacy Vials by Thornton

Pharmacy Vials

These are designed to safely store medication. Available in several sizes and colors: amber, blue, and green.


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