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Plastic Vials

Plastic Vials 

Available vial sizes: 2.5 Dram - 50 Dram (.28 oz - 6.25 oz)  

Thornton Plastics manufactures a diverse collection of plastic vials that you will find appropriate for many uses. Take a look at our clear styrene (plastic) vials with snap caps to see if they are what you need. All of our clear vials are popular for packaging, presenting and storing of product(s). Maybe you are looking for vials to organize crafts as a hobbyist? Perhaps you would like to purchase vials for the laboratory? We are inviting you to browse our plastic packaging vials simply by clicking the product image below to view all of our vials for sale. Each vial will come with a snap-cap- either assembled (on) or unassembled (off). Enjoy your browsing experience.



Caps come Assembled (Snapped On) or Unassembled (Left off in Separate Bag)Try our conversion table! It may really help you.

2.5 Dram        3.5 Dram   5 Dram    7 Dram     9 Dram    12 Dram     15 Dram  20 Dram    25 Dram   40 Dram  50 Dram



Snap Cap Plastic Vials Manufacturer



Made of polystyrene and with polyethylene snap on caps.



We Have Been Making Vials Since 1958!Thornton Vials100 Pack of Vials - Multiple Colors Available


Our vials for sale come with caps come in several colors, i.e., clear, orange, blue and green. They also come in several sizes to meet the daily needs of our customers. Our snap cap vials offer an easy opening and closing. Our containers come in several colors here. The following sizes are availble - 2.5 Dram - 50 Dram.

There are also several types of material: Polystyrene, Polyethene and PET. Our containers our made of a Polystyrene ensuring a glass-like look. Our material is rigid, transparent and a great product for multiple applications.

 Many would like to know where they can buy all of the containers that they need? Thornton Plastics manufactures and supplies a wide variety of colors and sizes of containers. Products are made of the highest quality polystryrene. Our products are very clear and maintain a ridgid integrity. We mold, package and distribute all of our products from SLC, Utah. All of our containers are great for packaging, storing, sampling, shipping, protecting or just plane re-selling. Enjoy your browsing experience!

Looking for a sample kit before you buy vials? Want to see if our wholesale vials will work for your specific application? Contact us here and we will ship the sample kit to you for free. Be sure to register with our website to be included in our specials and discounts.