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Polypropylene Vials

Thornton Plastics polypropylene vials are ideal containers to store just about anything that is small and needs protection. These vials are ideal for shipping or storing items that need a stronger container that won't break or shatter. Although they lack transparency, this frosty looking plastic will surely protect whatever is inside whether it be liquid or solid.    

Polypropylene Vial Applications and Best Uses

Polypropylene vials are made of strong, slightly pliable plastic. This type of plastic is not transparent like are polystyrene vials, but polypropylene can be used to store harsh liquids or abrasive compounds. Polypropylene is a very strong with a touch of flexibility. The vials come in 5 sizes: 2.5, 3, 3.5, 5 and 12 dram. 


2.5 Dram Polypropylene Vial
3 Dram Polypropylene Vial
3.5 Dram Polypropylene Vial
5 Dram Polypropylene Vial
12 Dram Polystyrene Vial

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