Small Plastic Containers

Click on the images below of small plastic containers and surf our online store. Thornton's wholesale small plastic containers come with snap-on, screw-cap or small hinged lids. The small containers are sold at wholesale pricing and will come with your choice of lid. These containers are great for packaging, storing, and shipping small items. Products are made from polyethelyene and polystyrene. Each type of plastic material has its pro's and con's. For example, polyethelyene is shatter-proof and non-transparent, whereas, polystyrene is ridgid and transparent. Thornton offers a wide variety of small containers at wholesale pricing for the public. 


 Small Plastic Containers

Small Plastic Containers whitepolypropjars.jpg allblackjars.jpg

Clear Small Plastic Jars

White Small Plastic Jars


Black Small Plastic Jars 

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Clarified Plastic Containers


Small Plastic Vials


Hinged Lid Containers