Plastic Jars

If you are looking to purchase plastic jars at wholesale pricing, look no further, you have found an awesome place to find the perfect container. To browse Thornton's products, simply click the image found below to explore Thornton's pearly white, shiny black, clarified frosted natural, and crystal clear plastic jars.

Thornton's plastic jars with lids have a tight fitting closure. The caps fit perfectly because of the liner inside the cap creating an air-tight seal and keeping unwated elements out. The plastic jars are capable of storing "most" chemicals, and are easily cleaned when dirty. Thornton's jars are made of top-of-the-line polypropylene plastic and sold at competitive pricing.

Black Jars: - features a brillant shine with a glossy look in black coloring. 

• White Jars: - features a clean shine with a glossy look in white coloring. 

• Clarified Natural Jars: - features the natural and frosty look of plastic (30% opacity). 

• Clear Jars: - features a transparent and crystal-clear appearance.

All jars come with regular wall or thick wall.

• Thick wall Jar: - features a thicker wall compared to a regular wall jar. The lid is flush with the jar wall.

• Regular wall Jar: - has a thinner wall compared to a thick wall jar. The jar wall is inset underneath the lid, thus, creating a small lip. The lid is designed to not be flush with the jar wall.

Note: You can choose a lld type on the Product Page.