Plastic Jars

If you are looking to buy plastic jars at wholesale pricing, you have found the right place. Click the images below to explore Thornton's white, black, clarified natural, or clear plastic jars. Thornton's plastic jars with lids offer a tight fitting closure. The closure fits very nicely due to the liner inside the closure creating a tight seal. Plastic jars are extremely malleable. They are resistant to chemicals, hygienic, and easy to clean. Thornton's jars are made of top of the line polypropylene and sold at competitive pricing.

Black Jars: - features a shiny, glossy, black coloring. • White Jars: - features a shiny, glossy, white coloring. • Clarified Natural Jars: - features the natural color of plastic. • Clear Jars: - features a transparent and see-through walls.

All jars come in regular wall or thick wall.

• Thick wall Jar: - features a thicker wall compared to the jar with a regular wall. The jar wall is flush with the lid

• Regular wall Jar: - has a thinner wall compared to the thick-wall jar. The jar wall is inset from the lid creating a lip on the underside of the lid. It is not flush with the side of the jar wall.

Note: You will have the opportunity to choose a Lid Type on the Product Specfic Page.