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Plastic Jars with Lids

If you're searching for quality plastic jars with lids, then Thornton has just the jars you're seeking. The plastic jars and lids are durable, lightweight and ergonomically designed to store all kinds of small items and keep them safe from moisture and foreign particles. Furthermore, the jars with screw-on caps are portable and easy to store. If you need to buy some quality plastic jars, then here's what our plastic jars have to offer.

Size and Dimensions

The plastic jars are between 1" to 3" in height and have maximum fill volumes of between 35 ml to 400 ml. As for the diameter, these jars are between 1" to 4". Due to the wide variety of available sizes and product dimensions, users will have several options to choose from with our jars. So if you have items that require a very specific set of containers, then don't hesitate to look at our wide array of plastic jars. Click the link below the images to access that style of jar with lid. Thornton Plastics offers great products at amazing prices. Enjoy your browsing.

Clear Plastic Jars White Plastic Jars
 allblackjars1.jpg Clarifed Natural Plastic Jars

Clear Jars w/ Lids

White Jars w/ Lids

Black Jars w/ Lids

Natural Jars w/ Lids

Note: You will have the opportunity to choose a Lid Type on the Product Specfic Page.

 Benefits & Features of Plastic Jars and Lids

Here you can learn more about the benefits and applications that Thornton's jars are used in the marketplace. Read More

Our plastic jars are made from high-quality polypropylene and polystyrene. The type of jar and lid can either be clarified polypropylene/natural polypropylene/ or polystyrene. Either way, these plastic jars are designed to be durable, moisture resistant and light weight, which means that you won't have to worry about their weight or durability.

Aside from the jar size and composition, it's also worth mentioning that our plastic jars have several cap styles to choose between. These include:

- No Lid
- White w/ Liner
- White Ribbed w/ Liner
- White Dome w/ Liner
- White High Side w/ Liner
- Black w/ Liners
- Black High Side w/ Liner
- Black Dome w/ Liner
- Clear
- Clarfied Natural Dome



The plastic jars are designed for safe and easy storage of sensitive items, like medication or powder substances. The plastic jars have a durable composition and airtight design that makes these plastic jars reliable. The jars are light weight and easy-to-store features make the jars very useful for holding beads, fishing gear, lotions, creams, and small items that need to be stored or organized.

The plastic jars may also be stored in any place, including your home or your office. The jars can be kept secured inside a cabinet, inside your vehicle's glove compartment, your luggage or on a shelf. So if you require quality plastic jars and caps, then our jars are here to satisfy your needs.

If you have any concerns about our plastic jars or caps, please contact us through our site and we will do our best to answer whatever questions you may have with regards to our jars.