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Jars with Lids

If you're searching for quality plastic jars with lids, then we have just the jars you're seeking. Our plastic jars and lids are durable, lightweight and ergonomically designed to store all kinds of small items and keep them safe from moisture and foreign particles.

Furthermore, it's also worth mentioning that not only are our jars with caps durable, they are also portable and easy to store around. These high-quality jars are light-weight materials and are designed specifically for convenient storage needs. So if you need to buy some quality plastic jars, then here's what our plastic jars have to offer you.

Size and Dimensions

Our plastic jars are between 1" to 3" in height and have maximum fill volumes of between 35 ml to 400 ml. As for their opening diameters, these are between 1" to 4."

Due to the wide variety of available sizes and product dimensions, users will have several options to choose from with our jars. So if you have items that require a very specific set of containers, then don't hesitate to look at our wide array of plastic jars.