Plastic Vials with Snap Caps

Thornton invites you to browse our clear plastic vials that come with snap caps by clicking on the products below. Altough small, the clear snap cap vials are built tough. They offer see-through walls with a long-lasting, tight-fitting, white polyethylene, snap-on cap. The vials come in twelve different sizes to accommodate most small packaging needs. Some people refer to them as dram vials. If you would like to convert drams to other measurments, use this conversion tableWould you like a sample kit to see if your product will fit inside, or to see if the plastic vial and cap will work for your application? Contact us today and we will ship the kit to you free of charge.

 Plastic Vials: Effects on Product Packaging.

Such products have become an essential packaging tool for various industries around the world. If you look back in the past and compare to what is now used. You would recognize the tremendous changes in this area and how it has benefited not just the companies and businesses, but also the clients consuming these products.