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Plastic Vials & Snap Caps

We would like to invite you to browse through our plastic vials with snap caps simply by clicking the on each image below. Looking for a colored vial that comes in a multitude of bright colors and sizes: 2.5 Dram - 50 Dram. Would you like a sample kit? Contact us here and we will ship the kit to you.

Plastic Vials: Impact on Product Packaging.

These products have become an essential packaging element for various industries across the globe. Through its introduction, easiness and convenience when it comes to delivering products to every part of the world has become significantly possible, not to mention its efficient.

If you look back in the past and compare to what is now used, you would simply recognize the tremendous changes in this area and how it has benefited not just the companies and businesses offering various products, but also the clients consuming these products. 


Choose Your Plastic Vial either with Snap Caps on or off.Dram to Ounce Conversion Table