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Plastic Snap Cap Vials


We would like to invite you to browse through our products simply by clicking the on each image below. Snap Cap Vials come with a snap cap lid. We also carry colored snap cap vials that come in a multitude of bright colors and sizes: 2.5 Dram - 50 Dram.

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Caps come Assembled (Snapped On) or Unassembled (Left off in Separate Bag)Try our conversion table! It may really help you.

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Snap Cap Plastic Vials Manufacturer


Plastic Vials and Snap Caps:  Their Impact on Redefining Product Packaging.

Plastic vials have become an essential packaging element for various industries across the globe. Through its introduction, easiness and convenience when it comes to delivering products to every part of the world has become significantly possible, not to mention its efficient.

If you look back in the past and compare to what is now used, you would simply recognize the tremendous changes in this area and how it has benefited not just the companies and businesses offering various products, but also the clients consuming these products.

Common Industries Using the Technology

A lot all products sold on the market are packaged with a plastic vial, although produced in different forms, they are also produced in different ways. Companies that are in constant need for plastic vials typically includes, but not limited to, cosmetic industries for make-ups and skincare and pharmaceutical industry for medications and supplements. The food and beverage industry is, of course, is also included in this list as they are considered to be one of the top industires that are in constant demand for plastic vials.

Aside from these, another recent innovation with the use of such technology is for the postal business. To date, many companies under this field are now using a large plastic vial instead of the traditional mailing envelopes or boxes due to its light weight and sealed-tight feature. This poses fewer hazards on mail contents that are often transported around the world.

Without this invention, how do you think delicate products such as food, drink, medicines and other chemically-based produced goods are able to be deliver to consumers? As people continuously need these products, more and more will understand the huge importance of such day-to-day transactions.

Applications and Uses of Snap Cap Plastic Vials

Companies that offer various plastic vials provide them in many forms. Such forms are Polystyrene vials, colored vials, polypropylene vials, as well as snap caps vials. These vials come in an array of sizes such as 2.5 Dram, 3 Dram, 3.5, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 20, 25, 40 and 50 Dram. With the different sizes, one can be confident to find the best-fitting size of the vial that would accommodate a lot of different contents.

For example, they are specially made vials for storage, shipping and securing purposes. They often come with a snap on cap guaranteeing everything is stored safety inside the container. Regardless of the type of the plastic vial, they are always accompanied with snap caps. This is for the purpose of providing a sealing material that would hold whatever contents are contained in it. Without a snap cap, plastic vials would be nearly incomplete as they would be useless when used for packaging different products.


Advantages of the Plastic Snap Caps and Vials

Aside from the items mentioned above, another great characteristic of snap caps vials is the fact that they cost less comparied to their competition - glass. They are sold in bulk or partial cases making them more convenient when buying for a in need of a small quantity of vials.

Not that, snap cap plastic vials can be reused provided that the contents are not dangerous that were once inside the vial. They are very durable and can withstand most environments, except, of course, extreme heat since plastics are known to be very vulnerable in such condition.


Made of polystyrene and with polyethylene snap on caps.


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