Sustainable Hinged Lid Plastic Containers, H-12 (10 pack)

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A New, Revolutionary, More Sustainably Sourced Thornton Plastics Favorite: The universal, secure, small plastic container with an attached hinged lid made to fit whatever may find a home in it. Developed from a mix of polypropylene and bioplastics, this container contains NuPlastiQ®, a sustainably sourced, bioplastic made from various plant starches such as potato and cassava. These containers help reduce greenhouse gas generation, lessen fossil fuel use, and minimize the potential of micro plastics in our oceans as compared to traditional plastic containers. Available in various colors including clear, green, yellow, red, blue, white, gold, and black.

Hinged Top Vials, 50 ml (1.6 oz.)
 Sustainable Polypropylene Plastic
 Part# H-12S-10 pack


(No reviews yet) Write a Review