Dram Vial

Our plastic vials are made from either polystyrene or polypropylene plastic. They include a tight fitting polyethylene snap-on cap. The flexible polyethylene cap makes them ideal for easy opening and closing.

They are excellent for storing dry materials, powders, and more. 

Dram, is a unit of measurement previously used in Ancient Greece and is now used as a unit of volume (8 drams = 1 ounce). 

Our vials are available in 14 sizes The smallest is 4 ml (0.13 oz.) and the largest is 185 ml (6.25 oz.).  


What is a Dram Measurement?

The accuracy of measurement, especially in liquids is important. Even in the ancient periods, people have been using units of measurement to ensure absolute precision. Among the most common units used in ancient Greece which is still very useful in the measurements of today is the unit “dram”. In this scientific era, dram refers to a specific volume or mass measuring unit. These include fluid dram, fluidram, and fluidrachm. The equivalent of a dram in modern mass and volume measurement units vary depending on the type of system used in the conversion.

Who and when was it discovered?

Although the exact history and origin of a dram unit is not known, many historians consider the measuring unit as an ancient Greek measuring method. During the 20th century, the apothecaries measurement system was developed in the US. In this system, a dram apothecary is equivalent to 60 grains. The medical field will still use dram units as a measurement. A teaspoon of fluid medication is one fluid dram unit. Dram
measurement is one of the few things that have survived through the many changes in the modern world. It is through these ancient measuring units that modern units were developed, and accuracy in the measurement of volume and mass has been achieved.