Polystyrene Vials

Thornton Plastic polystyrene vials are a great product. If you need something clear as glass and that provides a tight seal, these vials will be perfect for you. The vials come in a wide range of sizes. With their clarity and rigidness, these vials are perfect for any application that requires a small object to be held safely inside.    

Benefits of Using Vials Made of Polystyrene

The best part, the vials come with a lid that easily snaps on and off with your thumb. When buying from Thornton Plastics, you can be sure that you are buying the highest-quality vials at the best price. Polystyrene is known for its crisp transparency and tough rigidness making them ideal for home and commercial use.


The History of Styrene

Here is a short description of about the discovery of polystyrene plastic... Read More

Commercial manufacturing of styrene did not begin until in the 1930s. The first  time it was manufactured was in 1931 after intensive work had been put in by two individuals: Herman Staudinger and Carl Wolff. The fruits of their work led to the development of an important tool that extruded styrene through a heated tube and a cutter. The result was a pellet like polymer that was much easier to use.

So, what were the reasons behind such a rapid development of the styrene? What could have been the benefits that fueled such exponential growth in research, as well as development? It is the characteristics of polystyrene as to why this the product is so useful today.

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